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We can create many surround mixes from stereo to Dolby Atmos or an immersive ambisonic mix for Youtube VR or FaceBook 360.


This can make your video stand out from the rest and get linked to the Youtube VR channel. There are many more possibilities in the mix when working in these 360 formats and it's important we discuss what is best for you. For these formats, it is often better to work and sync to the video so as well as all the audio files a 360 video should be sent as well. 


Once you are happy I will send the files  


You check the mix on the system you know.

We can make revisions if needed



I'll mix the tracks and send them back



You upload your tracks

How it works;


Please tell me as much information about the project as you can, The more information I can get about how you want to sound will make it easier to get close to what you want.



Please include some or all this helpful information;


  • the style of music

  • other artists/tracks you like the sound of. I want to get the sound you want so the more specific you can be the better. It could be you like the sound of the drums on one track and the vocals sound on another, just let me know and we can work towards that.

  • let me know if there are any timing or tuning issues you want to be rectified, I have many different plug-ins to help here (this may cost extra depending on how much there is to do).

  • how many audio tracks you have in your project

  • it would also help if you could send your track(s) as an MP3 or a link to Soundcloud, so I can hear how you hear the track, please give any information on what you do or don’t like about it.

  • do you have a deadline to meet?

  • is this going to be released or a demo? 


Once I have this information, I will quickly get back to you to let you know how long it’s likely to take. I will also confirm the costs involved and go over any technical issues, if necessary. 



At this point, there is still no obligation to go ahead!


If you decide to go ahead I will send you a link where you can share your audio tracks with me.

Please read the following carefully so I can get the audio files in a format that will be easy to work on.

  • unless they are Pro Tools or Logic sessions I will need audio tracks, not DAW sessions

  • all audio tracks need to start from the same start point (e.g. Bar 1, Beat 1)

  • all the audio tracks should have the same sample rate (44.1/48/88.2/96kHz) and bit depth (16/24)

  • all audio tracks should either be .WAV or .AIFF

  • please label each audio track with the name of the sound on it

  • all audio tracks should be as ‘dry’ as possible. Please remove any dynamic, reverb and delay processing. If there is a particular filter sweep or special effect it would be preferable to get a bounce with and without the effect



On completion of the mix I will send you:


  • A mix for you to check (MP3)

  • I will make up to 3 revisions for free, please when sending notes on revisions be as clear and concise as you can.




After you are happy with the mix I will send:


  • stereo mixes; An uncompressed stereo master at the sample rate/bit depth of your choice (normally 44.1kHz 24bit unless otherwise stated)Backing tracks and a cappella version of the same spec as the master mix can be supplied as well as stereo stem files (drums on a stereo track, guitars, vocal, keyboards, perc....)



  • surround mixes; Multi-Channel WAV files as well as a compressed file for authoring the surround mix to Youtube, Facebook or DVD.

    • I can even sync and author it to your video and send you the encoded file for Facebook or Youtube.



Click here to email me and get things started!







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