• Pro Tools HD

  • Logic

  • Reaper




  • Neve Analogue Summing

  • UAD Apollo's

  • UAD Satelite OCTO

  • Focusrite Clarret



  • 9.1 setup

    • 5 x Neumann KH310

    • 4 x Neumann KH120

    • 1 x Neumann KH810



Plugins include

  • UAD

  • Izotope

  • Hofa

  • Waves​​​​​


The speakers are setup in the Auro 9.1 configuration. This setup can be used for surround with height channels as in  Sennheiser Ambeo 8.0. It is also ideal when mixing for VR as used in Youtube and Facebook now.

Here is the link to spacerocket.com where we have been creating surround mixes for Youtube

Hardware and Software