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You upload your tracks


I'll master your songs and send them back


You check the mix on the system you know.

We can make revisions if needed


Once you are happy I will send the files  

More information



Please tell me as much information about the project as you can in the form, I want to get the sound you want so the more specific you can be the better.



Helpful information


  • the style of music

  • other artists/tracks you like the sound of.

  • how many audio songs/tracks you have in your project

  • what you want the tracks mastered for; CD, online distribution, Youtube

  • if you can send me a link to the tracks so I can listen that would also be helpful

  • do you have a deadline


Once I have this information


I will quickly get back to you to let you know how long it’s likely to take. I will also confirm the costs involved and go over any technical issues, if necessary. 


At this point, there’s no obligation to go ahead.


If you decide to go ahead I will send you a link where you can share your audio tracks with me.

Please read the following carefully so I can get the audio files in a format that will be easy to work on.


  • If you are mixing the tracks please send me a version without any compression across the master bus

  • Please make sure you send me the .WAV or AIFF file and not an MP3 or another codec based format.





On completion of the master I will send you:


A player with all your mastered tracks on that you can use on your PC or Mac to listen to the material.




After you are happy with the master I will send;


  • An uncompressed stereo master at the sample rate/bit depth of your choice (normally 44.1kHz 24bit unless otherwise stated). For CD I will also send a DDP file which they will use at the copying plant as well as a player that can be loaded on your computer to make CD copies and .WAV files.


Click here to email me and get things started!



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